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     Anti-Otaku-Squad (AOS) is a Tower Defense and strategy game, featuring a horde of Otakus enemies moving towards the base of the player with the goal of reducing your life points to zero. To prevent this from happening, the player can use the "Characters" as Tower of Towers Defense. They can be built and evolved in strategic positions to defeat the enemies.

W,A,S,D to move the camera in the stage.
Esc to pause.
Left click of your mouse to do the actions inside the game.
Right click of your mouse  to rotate the camera.

Priorities for the next update: 
- Game Balance
- Bug Fixes
- Graphical optimization
- More Maps and towers

OBS: Please turn down the sound when you open the game.

Thanks for playing our game.

Install instructions

Download and extract the file.


AOS.rar 73 MB

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