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Try to escape from this house by solving the puzzles and mysteries, you have only five minutes.

Hint: Read the notes and observe the scenario to solve the puzzles.

Game scape the room made by Positivo students.

Published 11 days ago
AuthorNeet Games
TagsEscape Game, Horror, suspense, Time Attack


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I love escape rooms, and this captures the feeling of one well.  It's incredibly buggy, the key can be grabbed through the safe in the first puzzle, the doll grows the more you click it.  My biggest critques, are that the doll puzzle either made no sense or didn't work well enough to solve with any sense, and there was a door that was never opened.  I would love to see an escape room game, filled with multiple different scenarios, the puzzles are fun.  

this game made me sick lol, love it

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Nice Game!,

too bad that it was short DX, and also I got kinda stuck at the first part but yeah...." I DID IT " LEGIT <3

but anyways nice game good graphics kinda........my laptop sucks haha

anyways great game, can't wait for the full version!w

this is a nifty little game :D love the whole atmosphere and aspect of the game XD took me wayyyyy too long to figure out the password for the safe XD

Hi i put your game in a compilation it was the 1st game and i gotta say i like the graphics :D.

Just wish there had been a cut-seen for not getting out on time lol.

So this was fun, though I wish there had been more puzzles, though I get it's only a demo. There are definitely some bugs, and I'm not sure what happened but the objects you pick up can be squished into hilarious shapes. All in all a fun demo, I'm looking forward to more!

Okay, so! I liked the game, it was a nice and simple little escape room experience. It stumped me at first, I was super unsure of how to solve the first puzzle and I honestly don't know if I even really solved it. I just sort of guessed dates and numbers until something worked. The atmosphere was pretty silent, although a couple of parts did spook me a little bit. I really was hoping for more of an atmosphere from this game. I feel like atmosphere is what makes escape room games as scary as the developer usually wants them to be. I'm not sure if that's what you were going for or not. At one point, when I opened the safe, my controls seemed stuck and I could only move backward. I was also able to grab the key out of the corner of the safe without opening it at one point. I'm not sure if it is a bug or not, but the doll in the final puzzle room just wouldn't stay in my hands. I'm pretty sure it was intentional though, seeing as it was on fire. Don't get me wrong! I liked the game and I would love to see more optimization and additions made to it! I love escape room puzzles, even though I'm terrible at them. This definitely shows promise, but I feel like it was a little too simple to keep me on the edge of my seat. It was more 'chill' and 'relaxing' than anything. Thanks for making this!!

I hope development will continue. Once you understand the bugs there's some promising gameplay. :)

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Pretty good!

Very nice Game.